Effie 21, Mornington
Before we started together, I didn't think personal training or exercise would actually help me achieve my goals quickly enough. I thought I would run out of steam and get frustrated after the first 10 weeks. Jackie, your knowledge, encouragement, and efforts to understand my body and my psyche
have been invaluable to my success so far. I have lost 9 kilos in 12 weeks and learnt so much from you about nutrition and eating properly and my back pain has eased because I'm stronger in my core. Jackie is the best trainer, friend and is fit, fun and friendly.
Jodie 39, Mornington
"I had reservations about trainers being "bootcamp nazis" but my concerns were unfounded. Jackie, I think you are exceptionally good at what you do and I would recommend any person who wants to improve their health and fitness (from any level) to join in and get motivated, and have some fun at the same time. I am really enjoying the Saturday morning group,
I feel more positive about myself and I actually look forward to sessions!"


Silvana 50, Mornington

"Fun and motivating trainer

with personal attention. Thank you Jackie"


Sophie 32, Mornington

"Love all the healthy tips for the kitchen.

Jackie is always motivating,

I love it! Thanks so much."



 Rachel 35, Mornington.

"I love exercise but hate gyms and knew I needed someone to push me along. I instantly knew Jackie was the real deal with nutrition and training. After only 6 weeks, my body has changed. I have lost weight but I am so much more toned and I have had a BUM LIFT! Already I am smaller and have less of a muffin top in my jeans, it's incredible how my overhang is shrinking. Thanks Jackie!"